About us

Who we are and how we are

More than 30 years

CAMETO counts with more than 30 years of experience in Mechanical Assembly. It is a young and dynamic company specialized in hydraulic works, energy and equipment construction.

we are synergy

CAMETO skills are not just the addition of its personnel, are the result of its synergies and joint actions.


CAMETO and its branches has faced works across Europe, Africa, Middle East and America. Adapting to the new requirements and internalizing the concept of the World as a Global Village.

we overcome the challenges

The Assembly facilities near the Headquarters of the Company in Tomelloso, enables CAMETO to undertake large prefabrication projects in Spain, along with portable facilities and warehouses available to prefabrication “on site”.


CAMETO through its solar single-axis tracker self-powered CAMTRACKER T1 obtains the maximum efficiency generating photovoltaic energy, with the resulting cost savings and adaptable each client’s requirements

thermosolar reference

CAMETO has established itself as one of the most important references in the mechanical assembly of thermosolar fields worldwide.


In our continuous improvement and adaptation to the market demands, the production system and traceability throughout the product is governed by a quality and environmental system under the direction of the UNE ISO 9001:2008 and UNE ISO 14001:2004

The Company Policy is simple and clear: Earnest and Honesty. Fulfill all the Client commitments within the budget and in term. Framed into the continuous enhancement and always internalizing within the Production processes the Quality and HSE policies.


In CAMETO we comply with the highest and most demanding quality standards, always being at the forefront

Cameto Group Companies

  • CMP ( South Africa)
  • KCEC (South Africa)


Perhaps due to the origin of the company, the limited means with which we started our activity but the sheer enthusiasm that accompanied us, we made the EFFORT and the sense of RISK, more or less weighted, the most stimulus elements we find in the daily work.

These two components, the essence of entrepreneurial action, have as added value the intention, typically found in results, of doing work in TIME and COST, in such a way that those companies or entities whom we are working for found us in a high level of satisfaction receiving the product or work commissioned in time that was planned, and produced without any significant deviations from the initial budget. This forces us to a special monitoring and control of each of the commitments and set the concept of productivity at its best level. We are well aware that the good running of the firm have effects on ourselves and for that, we all have the responsibility of doing our best.

But it is inconceivable a requirement of productivity without the necessary means of working safety, so it is observable, formal and really, that the firm complies and enforces all the recommendations in this regard.

And in that frame of work organization, we are every day more pleasant to feel involved in the idea of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. It is really interesting to think that our business function is located in the best bet for the future. Working for the ENVIRONMENTAL preservation and improvement means feeling part of the idea of every human being to preserve the earth, making it perfectly habitable for the future generations. Develop without destroying, consuming without exhausting, changing without adulterating... are basic principles of environmental companies we work with, which we have been taught and inculcated much of this philosophy.


Tomelloso, 21st March, 2017