The latest news at CAMETO

  • Cameto present at the IX Economy Forum of the Family Business Association of Castilla-La Mancha


    The Mercedes de Toledo Cigar hosted the IX Economic Forum of the Family Enterprise Association of Castile-La Mancha, which was led by the president of El Español-El Digital CLM, Esther Esteban and in which former minister Álvaro Nadal has participated.

    Castilla-La Mancha Economic Forum and discuss the challenges facing the economy in the coming years and, in particular, the role of family businesses in the region that like Cameto, they work every day to continue to create a strong and enriching business fabric.

  • Cameto attends the inauguration of the Industrial School of Trades of Itecam


    With the assistance of more than 70 companies the Industrial Technology Center of Castilla-La Mancha has inaugurated the Industrial School of Trades Itecam located in Tomelloso. Patricia Franco, director of Economy Business and Employment of the Board of Communities of Castile-La Mancha (JCCM) was present at the inauguration, which also counted on the presence of José Manuel Caballero, president of the City Council of Real and Immaculate Jiménez, mayor of Tomelloso.

  • Iberdrola bets on companies like Cameto to advance the decarbonization of the planet and advance the energy transition


    Several companies in Castilla-La Mancha have consolidated themselves as suppliers of materials and services for the development of the energy transition. Its activity has served to promote the development and creation of employment in rural areas.

  • Cameto, present internationally thanks to our subsidiaries.

    As many of you already know CAMETO is present internationally and through our various subsidiaries we have managed to be present in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, adapting to all the fields and situations that have been presented to us.

    Diverse with the projects we carry out, as well as the areas of action of them.

    CAMETO has also become a reference worldwide in the assembly of solar fields, specifically in thermosolar technology and, now, we continue to strengthen our presence in the world of renewable energies, in this case, in the photovoltaic market.

  • Cameto is a cardio company protected thanks to the automatic defibrillator it has in its facilities.


    Cameto has had an automatic defibrillator for some time, not only to provide a safer environment for our workers, but because we firmly believe that with small gestures like this we can save lives at a point in time.

    For several years CAMETO has had this device and in turn we train our workers to know how to use it properly. For us every step counts and if this serves to avoid some greater evil, even more.

  • Cameto remains immersed in multiple projects, specifically we had already talked about the solar "Camtracker T1" patented by it some years ago.


    Currently, our solar follower has already landed in some parts of the country and our solar follower is already installed and operating in several locations, the image we show, corresponds to one of the last installations of the Camtracker T1 in the province of Zaragoza.

    This revolutionary system is giving many joys to the Manchega company, as several customers are joining the acquisition of this system for their farms in most cases.

  • Manufacture, supply and assembly for a solar energy project in the Community of Madrid


    We would like to show you a before and after one of the projects that we carry out in CAMETO.
    It seems simple, but behind each of them, there is a great human team fully involved in every job.
    That is why we like to remember works done and be aware of the great work, effort and time that they entail and the strength that this exercise gives us to begin all that is to come.

    In this case we show you this project carried out in the Community of Madrid, where manufacturing, supply and assembly of fixed structure for photovoltaics 2V were carried out.

  • Cameto committed to sport


    CAMETO is a company committed to the sport and therefore, we are very proud to announce again this synergy with our already known Sergio Valerio parra. Paddle player and fighter we always learn from and feel very proud of.

    A great athlete and better person who carries with him our values.
    A relationship that is reiterated and that we are sure will bring many successes and actions, in which we will be involved to promote the culture and sport of our city and our community.

  • CAMETO, present in GENERA 2022


    The International Energy and Environment Fair, GENERA 2022, the largest trading platform for this industry, celebrated its 25th anniversary with the support of the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving, IDAE (Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge) as well as the renewed support of the main actors of this important economic sector.

    Cameto was fortunate to be able to attend and we had the great pleasure of being able to attend, visiting friends and collaborators, as well as knowing all the novelties of the sector for the future.

  • CAMETO obtained the certificate that accredits technological innovation in the field of solar track

    The engineering company CAMETO has obtained the certificate that accredits technological innovation in the field of solar fans through the company EQA.

    Within the field of photovoltaic energy, there are various systems for this type of energy and CAMETO contributes to the development of this technology, specifically in the research and development of solar follower designs on a shaft. a system that tries to maximize all the energy provided by the Sun.

  • CAMETO advances the use of green energy in its production


    Since CAMETO has always been advocated and guided by the dogma of being in continuous progress and with economic progress coupled with continuous improvement in its various areas, therefore we take a small but important step further in our commitment to the environment and corporate social responsibility than to be a 21st century company.

  • CAMETO collaborates with COBRA in Escatron

    The tomellosera company CAMETO collaborates with the company of services and activities in energy distribution networks COBRA in the mechanical and electrical assembly at the photovoltaic plant of Escatron, in the province of Zaragoza.

    The work will be carried out in the coming months and will aim to develop the entire infrastructure of the plant.

    These works are carried out by CAMETO in the context of its activity in the area of photovoltaic energy both of installations and of maintenance.