Cameto present at the IX Economy Forum of the Family Business Association of Castilla-La Mancha

The Mercedes de Toledo Cigar hosted the IX Economic Forum of the Family Enterprise Association of Castile-La Mancha, which was led by the president of El Español-El Digital CLM, Esther Esteban and in which former minister Álvaro Nadal has participated.

Castilla-La Mancha Economic Forum and discuss the challenges facing the economy in the coming years and, in particular, the role of family businesses in the region that like Cameto, they work every day to continue to create a strong and enriching business fabric.

Some of the phrases spoken during the event that can make us reflect and give the proper importance to Cameto companies, follow the legacy of their referents and continue harvesting what one day began to sow their founders with so much effort.

"The structure we will leave to the new generations of the company is the main objective and the desire for continuous struggle. The sense of belonging and the way we treat our legacy far surpasses the barriers and sensation of being small in a world of great ones. "


THE ASSOCIATION OF THE FAMILY ENTERPRISE OF CLM, which was formed in 2002, is formed by 51 family enterprises throughout the Community, whose overall turnover equals 8.29% of regional GDP and gives direct employment to 2% of the occupied population of Castile-La Mancha in the private sector.

For both entities, family businesses in the region, which are "the engine of the regional economy," are paramount and with the signing of this agreement, all of them will be able to access as many calls as may be of interest to develop as many initiatives or projects of interest to them. They have as their main objective the defense of the family companies of the region, which are the engine of the regional economy, and as one of its main values is the commitment to the region of Castile - La Mancha, contributing with society and with the needs that it has. AEFCLM is part of the network of family business associations integrated into the Family Enterprise Institute that integrates 1,500 family businesses of reference throughout Spain.

For Cameto it is a pride to be part of this association that disseminates and bets on the family company as Cameto, with which we hope to inspire many other companies or small entrepreneurs and let them know that family businesses work if managed with passion and sacrifice and we must bet to remain an important part of our country's economic engine.